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Reconcile within…

Only for so long can we justly say, “They” are the culprits of our dis-ease – the constant that disrupts our emotions. After it’s all said and done, we alone are the soul/sole proprietor’s of our well-being.

This does not condone behavior that can be described as less than love, rather – it places oneself in the seat of ownership, accountability & empowerment. In other words, we learn to reconcile within ourselves what we can not reconcile with another.

Peace of mind is the quiet inner resolve that paves way for cleansing, healing and release!

Thanks be to God Who enables us to overcome & to be more than the events of our time!

Bring closure and reconciliation within.

Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

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The Journey of Forgiveness…

The Journey of Forgiveness is a response to the voice of inner truths, briefly appearing within anyone of us before it vanishes within the clouds of distraction (unforgiveness). ~Stormie Steele 

“Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, the one who has understanding of this will draw it out.” (Proverbs 20:5) NJKV


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Prioritize Perspectives…


Day to day living warrants that we become mindful of how we are affected…touched. We are left with the sole responsibility of working through our dis-eases, no one else has this sacred role. 

As we live, move & operate throughout each day, it is essential that we pay close attention to the things that mess with us. Are you paying attention to life, to yourself? 

Live wise, live well…live whole. ~Storm

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Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey


It’s easy to forget that when on the the path of unconditional love (relational challenges), those opposing are no less loved of God than we. ~Stormie Steele 

“This is My commandment that ye love one another as I have loved you.” ~John 15:12 (KJV)

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You Are A Worthy…

Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend, for you are ever with yourself. You are a worthy investment.

Support yourself, forgive yourself…listen to yourself. Be honest to yourself, bless yourself. Accept yourself, develop yourself…honor yourself. You are a worthy investment.

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