Seventy Times Seven (Episode 24)

forgiveness-seventy-times-seven-episode-24.m4a Subscribe via iTunes Forgiveness is about self-preservation, it's a way of preserving our sanity, respect and dignity. Forgiveness gives us ownership of our emotions and our overall well-being (mind, body, spirit). Wishing you a life of peace. ~Storm All rights reserved 2019

Waking Up from A Bad Dream (audio)

episode-20waking-up-from-a-bad-dream.m4a Holding on to unforgiveness can be a repetitive nightmare. ~Storm Pexels Image Life Through The Storm c 2019

The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

Forgiveness is a ritual of healthy monitoring-emotional, mental and spiritual influences. It means making sure that debris via thoughts, daily living, memory, beliefs and perceptions are in alignment with insightful conscious living. ~Stormie Steele (The Healing Journey) Subscribe via iTunes Store and at this website. Pixels image credit Life Through The Storm 2018

Taking Responsibility…

My Abuser Contacted Me After 30 Years. Now We’ve Both Agreed To Tell Our Stories. We need to hear stories from men who have taken responsibility for their actions. ~Donna Thomas

A Worthy Investment…

Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend, for you are ever with yourself. You are a worthy investment. Support yourself, forgive yourself...listen to yourself. Be honest to yourself, bless yourself. Accept yourself, develop yourself...honor yourself. You are a worthy investment. Stormie Steele/investment/copyright 2016


Forgiveness is a pathway, a portal that leads us elsewhere. Forgiveness permits us to live beyond the impact of hurtful experiences. In essence, forgiveness is a process of release and escape from the relentlessness of unhealthy emotional replays. ~Stormie Steele All rights reserved/Stormie Steele Forgiveness (C) 2018

Forgiveness and The Offender

"Forgiveness means that you've taken the offender, and all the offenses of such out of your thought life - away from your emotional well-being, and far removed from your present state of being." ~Stormie Steele/The Journey of Forgiveness ~ print/ebook Eye of Storm All rights reserved/the journey of forgiveness copyright 2015