Happy Mother’s Dayđź’• (a personal testament)

A mother isn’t a perfect being, she wasn’t meant to be. Permit her seeming lack to encourage zest/zeal for vision, imagination and exploration, through her fears gain courage. A mother’s offerings (healthy or not so healthy, wise or foolish) is an induction to expand one’s world of living and being. Let there be no reason [...]

Seasonal depression

Seasonal depression https://heartland33.wordpress.com/2018/12/18/seasonal-depression/ — Read on heartland33.wordpress.com/2018/12/18/seasonal-depression/ Remember-help/hope is always available, ~Storm

I Have A Voice…

One of the best things about being a writer is recognizing that I have a voice-a significant contribution. Ive learned-no matter how seeming small or other-I have a part to play, for this I am honored. You too have a voice, respect it, bring honor to its existence. ~Stormie Steele All rights reserved/Life Through The [...]

I Wish You Peace…

I wish you peace as you move throughout your day. Peace as you encounter the unexpected. I wish you peace as you accept that which is not within your charge. Peace as you release. Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele Google image credit All rights reserved (c) Life Through The Storm 2018


It’s a matter of conscience/conscious-being thoughtful, kind an considerate. It’s also a matter of conscience/conscious-being selfish, mean-spirited and inconsiderate. We have multiple choices-choose wisely...~Life Through The Storm All rights reserved/Stormie Steele 2018