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An Apology…

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An apology is one of the ways that we bring honor & respect to our relationships. It is an acknowledgment of our offenses (intentional or unintentional) , both are an inevitable occurrence as we interact with others. To overlook or disregard the harm that we’ve caused, is nothing short of disrespect.

The building of healthy relating is rarely without challenge. As we learn to be responsible with our words & our behavior – apologizing when needed – we’re better situated for healthier encounters.The language of apology is the language of love, honor, integrity & respect, revealing much about who we are…who we’re not.

In their book The Five Languages of Apology, Dr. Gary Chapman & Dr. Jennifer Thomas share on the various languages of apology. While I do not believe that one should wait for a particular language of apology before one is accepted, it can make a difference. Forgiveness has much to do with the health of one’s own being.

Does anyone in your path need an apology from you?

You’re always welcome to share your insights. Thank you for your visit today.

A genuine apology is followed by a genuine change in behavior. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Stormie Steele

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The opportunity to grow is one of life’s greatest gifts. For within such, one can gain the truest perspective of love, purpose, identity and wealth.

Determine to make the most of this opportunity called life. ~Storm

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