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Silence, Calm…


Welcome the silence, she comes to assure and reassure. Silence calms, strengthens and restores. 

Silence is the soul’s kinswoman. Breathe deeply…embrace the power of 


Learn through the silence…~Storm

Image by 1111main.com/meditation

The silence/copyright 2014

Unacknowledged Pain…

Unacknowledged Pain...

Unacknowledged pain is not alleviated – although hidden, its presence & its impact remains in our lives. Unacknowledged pain turns into inner-disease. Unacknowledged pain challenges our emotional, relational & spiritual health.

Healing is always possible.

How do you handle inner-pain? Have you ever felt like hiding it?

You’re always welcome to leave your wisdom. Thank you for your visit to Life Through The Storm.

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