An Insightful Moment

The answer lives within. “Better is the person who conquers self than the one who conquers a city.” ~Proverbs 16:32 Steele (Life Through The Storm), encouraging spiritual and personal development; promoting mind, body, spirit wellness.Authors Give Back Sale ~ Life Through The Storm ebooks .99 centsShare this:TwitterFacebookEmailLinkedIn

No Shallow Breathing

No shallow breathing. Through your nose, slow deep lung expanding inhalations. Through your mouth, slow long exhalations, a repetition worthy of engaging, Seize the time to breathe.No shallow breathing. ~StormLive wise, live well and live whole.Pixabay image credit Life Through The Storm 2020


Breathe in slow intentional inhalations...exhale in the same pattern. This is a necessary repetition.Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie SteeleLife Through The Storm 2020

The Vision

The vision is slowly unfolding. Trust God’s timing, it’s always perfect! ~Stormie Steele But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.) ~Romans 8:25Pixabay image credit Life Through The Storm 2020