Episode 9/Forgiveness and Deep Breathing (audio)

episode-9forgiveness-and-deep-breathing-.m4a The constant flow of what to draw in, or what to push out is one of life’s continual challenges. Conscious breathing and forgiveness synchronizes our personal rhythm to life. ~Stormie Steele Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm c 2019

Healthy Relationships/Promo

Journey with Life Through The Storm via Stormie Steele podcasts (iTunes Store & Spotify-Android friendly) Purchase ebooks and hard copies through major online book sellers - Barnes and Noble, iTunes Store, Kobo and Smashwords - as an offering of daily reflections through prayer, meditation, journaling and more. Subscribe and share - if you’re so inclined-leave [...]

Episode 6/The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

Forgiveness is not magical, nor does it come easily. It is a state of emotional awareness. ~Stormie Steele episode-6-the-ability-to-alter-the-moment.m4a ⬆️Feel free to listen to the podcast⬆️ Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm 2019

Episode 3/The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

We have an enormous capacity to heal ourselves, to redeem our lives from experiences that attempt to misguide our thinking and believing. Yet, little occurs without active participation. Forgiveness is one of the many paths that grants the seeking soul escape, peace and renewal. ~Storm Physician heal yourself. ~Luke 4:23 Stormie Steele c 2018

Episode 5/The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

Forgiveness has a way of keeping us on course, of reminding us to prioritize our emotions, and our perspectives as we interact with others. ~Stormie Steele  episode 5-the journey of forgiveness pixabay image credit All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm/Insights from Storm 2019

Episode 2/The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

Absolutely nothing can alleviate God’s love-His truth, nor His plans for our lives. No matter how things seem to be, we are not bound to live by our experiences alone. I know the plans that I have for you declares The Lord; plans for good and not evil, plans to give you a future and [...]

Breathe Deeper…

As I breathe deeper, I find a path - a door that leads me to places otherwise unreachable. Through the quiet I am carried to a secret place of restoration. I am escaped-taken to scenes otherwise unreachable. Breath, causing an expansion beyond fear's reach! I am moved... The quiet seizes me...heals me, teaches me & [...]

Practitioners of Healing…

We have within our charge-within reach, the authority to heal. Seize time to rest, without it, daily labor becomes overwhelming. Relax, quieten the mind, refueling is a needed constant. Let not your heart be misplaced regarding what’s before you, many things are not destined to be accomplished in one day. Honor the process... Do whatever [...]