Life Is Our Instructor

Life is our Instructor. Our daily encounters, challenges and other situations are our assignments. How we handle ourselves with our assignments is based on our attentiveness/inattentiveness to the lessons. Repetition is not a bad thing. We repeat in order to learn. We go over & over particulars in order to gain some understanding. Life is [...]

We Can…

We can't change many of the things that we've said or done, nor many of the things that we've experienced - especially unpleasant things. We can, however - change the impact of unpleasantries by changing the present course of our behavior, our words, and our beliefs. We create patterns for living every single day - [...]

Awaken and Arouse…

At the crossroad, the path of choosing this or that. The place where decision is found. Awaken and arouse stability, strength, focus and If wisdom's voice has been avoided, be re-advised through the silence. For within the silence instruction will once again decree her will. Awaken and arouse stability, strength, focus and Take [...]

Take Another Look

To live as though there is no meaning or purpose within the experience (whatever the experience might be), is to exist with great emptiness.Take another look. Each experience is loaded with information - filled with enough potential to advance our overall well-being. The seeming quite significant. Take another look. ~Stormie Steele