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The PROCESS of patience is often slow & meticulous. James 1:4 states it like this – “Allow patience to have her perfect work, so that there is no lack of any good thing.”

Divine structuring is taking place through patience, we are wise to let it happen!

Patience is the virtue that SEEMINGLY holds us back, although this is not the case…she’s merely taking care of Divine business – WORKING stuff WITHIN us & WORKING stuff OUT of us.

Believe it or not, patience pushes us forward – equipping us with the “know how” – holding our highest good!

Patience WORKS within each participant what time alone does not grant. Time gives to us the seasons & increments of space needed for a particular thing, or situation to take its timely turn. Patience equips us within that time frame (with the proper gear) so that we are effective in our assignment. Patience is a guardian of sorts…making sure that we are clothed sufficiently as we live, move & have our being.

How do you handle patience – rather, how do you allow patience to work in you?

You’re always welcome to share your insights. Thank you for your visit. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

Patience/copyright 2014

The Unexpected…

Life has a way getting our attention. It is often through the unexpected that we gain the resurrection of strength, courage & a profound ability to become more than we could have possibly imagined.

It’s often through the unexpected that life & purpose becomes evident. There’s always more than meets the eye taking its timely place.

At times, it behooves us to welcome the unexpected.

Speak life, think well…believe. ~Storm

The unexpected/copyright 2014

Healing Wind…

Breathe in slowly, welcome the healing wind of your breath.

Slowly, naturally and relaxed.

The healing wind of your breath is very real. The healing wind of your breath is release. Can you hear it…can you feel it?

Breathe in slowly, welcome the healing wind of your breath.

Live wise, live well and breathe deeply. ~Storm

Stormue Steele/The healing wind (c) 2016


There’s so much to learn and gather from each experience that engulfs us. Much to learn from every person with whom we interact, whether that interaction is prolonged or brief.

We have choices.

What are we really practicing? Who are we choosing to be…or not to be?

We choose…

Choose to live healthy, wise & whole. ~Storm

Choose/copyright 2014

Laughter ~Release!


For brief moments, laughter defies our fears, insecurities and anxieties – leaving us open – totally vulnerable!

Laughter, releasing tears of joy is an instantaneous inner-cleansing…an offering of in the moment healing. ~Storm

Stormie Steele Laughter/copyright 2014
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Something To Consider…

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I think it’s fair to say that many of us share a few basic desires – we want to be loved and respected. Despite this desire, we often endure realities that contradict the aforementioned.

As long as we allow ourselves to accept what we innately know is not in our best interest, we will continue to miss the mark. Additionally, the love and respect that many of us long for is not in the arms of those who belong to someone else. While anyone of us can fall prey to our own vulnerable moments lacking in emotional restraint (unworthy of condoning) – we’re ultimately left with facing ourselves any time we betray ourselves.

Life attempts to prepare us every single day, I believe this. If we are mindful to capture the lessons through our varied experiences, we can find the information that leads us into healthier choices – especially, if we’re willing to authentically examine ourselves.

Taking some needed time to reflect assists us in listening a bit more attentively to what’s happening inside of us.

Invaluable insights often spring forth whenever we set ourselves apart with the intent of gaining insight and perspective on our habits/choices. Along with our intentions…action must follow.

The love and respect that we seek, must first be embraced from within. Be honest with yourself as you examine your feelings, beliefs and emotions regarding all that impacts you. This is always helpful as we seek to move to healthier territory.

It has been said that we can’t help whom we will ultimately love. Whether it’s true or not, every thing that we love is not necessarily the healthiest thing for us, we have choices. You are worthy of taking the time to consider yours…

Thank you for allowing Life Through The Storm to be a healthy part of your day. Wishing you balance and well-being. ~Storm

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“Communing with God is communing with our own hearts, our own best selves, not with something foreign and accidental. Saints and devotees have gone into the wilderness to find God; of course they took God with them, and the silence and detachment enabled them to hear the still, small voice of their own souls, as one hears the ticking of his own watch in the stillness of the night.”

― John Burroughs, Harvest of a Quiet Eye: The Natural World of John Burroughs

Here’s why detachment can be a significant approach to daily living – it gives us a chance to re-access our God-given ability to refuel, giving our minds & our bodies an opportunity to rest. Rest in essential in creativity, in problem solving and overall benefits the body’s recovery when under stress. More on the benefits of detachment {here}

Whenever I am working on a project, writing an article, or creating a piece of art…I find it needful to detach. This means that I pull back and empty my mind of all contents of concern, I literally take a mind, body, spirit wellness break. This assists me in the birthing of other components that can be added to the project.

Detachment in this sense of the word, is not the letting go a thing as if one has lost interest or involvement – rather, it opens the flood gate of inner resources. At other times, detachment is rest, release & peace of mind.

Detachment allows for the formation of new thoughts and ideas, equipping us to better serve on a particular project or some other issue of concern more effectively. More quotes on detachment.

How do you detach from situations, relationships, projects or other matters of concern?

You’re always welcome to share your thoughts. Live wise, live well & explore the benefits of detachment. ~Storm

Conditional Love…

Unconditional Love...

Conditional love is demanding & restrictive – full of stipulations built on emotionalism and unrealistic expectations! Conditional love creates nothing but BONDAGE…for both giver and receiver! Conditional love means that you should not disappoint me, or – “I will…”, fill in the blanks.

Being both giver and receiver of love – means that we are willing to open ourselves to some of our greatest fears – it means being vulnerable. Feelings of being rejected, feelings of unworthiness, or other must be faced and brought to the forefront. From this position we learn to be available for our own healing and acceptance.

It’s interesting, we often expect others to accept us, we in reality, we’ve not fully accepted ourselves (been there too).

Relational disappointments are inevitable…to expect less from anyone is unrealistic. That does not mean that we should not expect the best from ourselves or others – rather, it means that we must learn to accept the reality of our imperfections and grow with ourselves, while demonstrating no less of the same to others as we interact with them.

Mature relationships are built over time through failures and triumphs – through pain and joy, through misunderstandings being  exchanged for understanding – through hurt and ultimately forgiveness. Above all, mature relationships require that we dismantle ourselves from conditional love.

How do you define conditional love? Have you ever experienced it?

You’re always welcome to leave your wisdom. Thank you for your visit. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

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