In Its Time…

The new day brings joy & sadness; life & death, comfort & discomfort...the agreeable & the disagreeable.Let us approach life (each day) with the expectation of good, for in its time that which is contrary shall have its place.Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie

Breathe with Me…

DisclaimerI am not trained in the fundamental principles of breath work, nor am I a certified expert. I am a holistic life counselor & a private practitioner of deep breathing. ~Storm Pixabay image creditLife Through The Storm 2020

The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

Forgiveness is a ritual of healthy monitoring-emotional, mental and spiritual influences. It means making sure that debris via thoughts, daily living, memory, beliefs and perceptions are in alignment with insightful conscious living. ~Stormie Steele (The Healing Journey) Subscribe via iTunes Store and at this website. Pixels image credit Life Through The Storm 2018

Consider The Challenge

The challenge (whatever it may be), is not meant to discourage - rather, its appointment is meant to encourage character, to strengthen faith and wisdom. Don't be afraid of the challenge, consider it. ~Stormie Steele Google image credit all rights reserved/2014