Repetition is a teacher. More often than not, repetition is an impartation of Divine mercy...a period of grace. One must be willing and open to learn. Repetition is a teacher. ~Stormie Steele Pixabay image credit Life Through The Storm 2019

Get The Lesson…

The point of re-runs and repetitive cycling-get the lesson. Mercy attempts to awaken the sleeping soul. ~Stormie Steele Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. ~Proverbs 4:5 All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm c 2018


It may seem unfortunate, but quite often...personal and relational disappointment sends a powerful and needed message for the soul. Sometimes, disappointment is an act of grace - filled with an abundance of teachings. ~Stormie Steele Stormie Steele/disappointment (c) 2014

Lessons from Nature

It was late spring last year - Jim (my husband) and I pulled into our driveway when we noticed a mother doe and what appeared to be, her newborn fawn. It was such a beautiful nature moment, so much that I continued to look at both animals as we continued down our long driveway. Then [...]

Lesson Learned

I've learned many lessons in the course of my life, especially as it relates to interacting with others. One such lesson in particular - I can't tell any body what to do, or imply what they should do! Well, I can - but, it behooves me to be aware of the fact that I really [...]