Lessons In Wisdom

Wisdom is the inner-voice of Divine guidance, reminding us to do a particular thing…in a particular way. Wisdom can be a whisper of advice, encouraging us to make healthy & beneficial use of what we’ve learned from an experience. Sometimes we forget significant life lessons, or the moral of the story. When this happens, and [...]


Slow is often the needed course that helps to produce and instill the elements necessary to fulfill a particular goal or vision. At times, slow is the process of maturation, that of gaining awareness, understanding and virtue for the thing that is occurring. Slow is the sacredness of the process. "Our omniscient and omnipotent God [...]

Another Day of Lessons

Life is no respecter of persons – we each have a our daily share of lessons to learn, challenges to face and so on. This is a good thing. Each lesson is specifically and uniquely designed to accommodate its recipient/student. The Overseer (God) of our lives knows exactly which life experience works for our individual [...]

Lessons from Nature

It was late spring last year - Jim (my husband) and I pulled into our driveway when we noticed a mother doe and what appeared to be, her newborn fawn. It was such a beautiful nature moment, so much that I continued to look at both animals as we continued down our long driveway. Then [...]