Living in The “Now”

Some of the most beneficial aspects about living in the "now"-we give ourselves the opportunity to seize and experience the unexplored and a host of unfamiliar treasures that each "now" offers! The unexplored keeps us yearning for more, while unfamiliar treasures remind us how essential it is to continue our thirst/zest for life! Living in [...]


Life is impacting, it’s meant to be that way. We transition through impact-either for our good or demise (mind, body, spirit). Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Life Through The Storm All rights reserved/Stormie Steele 2018

I Quieten Myself, I Am Peace… I quieten myself, I listen. I am peace. I am attuned to The Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, come. I wait, I am still...trusting, entrusting. I quieten myself, I listen. I am peace. Google image credit All rights reserved/Stormie Steele c 2018

The End…

Sometimes the worst of who we are, that which we've allowed ourselves to become, comes to an inevitable end. Consider the end an act of grace. The end of a particular (especially unhealthy particulars) can compel one to rise to greater heights. If one chooses to learn, the end is the beginning of a new. [...]