Forgiveness is a conscious and intentional engagement of release—replacement. it’s where we take full ownership over our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives. ~Stormie Steele

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Life is an evolution of becoming—a constant layering & unlayering of particulars that either persuade the development of God ordained intents or that which counters it. ~Stormie Gale Steele

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Wholeness Is Our Birthright

Anything that attempts to thwart our sense of self, our sense wholeness and well-being warrants dismissal…replacement. ~Stormie G. Steele

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Open Wounds…

Healing means a willingness to move from one place of space in time to the next, a place where the repetition of negative and injurious memories are no longer the constant. Healing is active participation in relearning.~Stormie G. Steele

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Pray for Others…

From observation, it appears that others should do this or that in order to achieve this or that, but in reality…we don’t know what they should do. As our knowledge of God’s way with others eludes us. ~Stormie Steele

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Live Wise, Live Well…Live Whole

You are a storehouse, a reservoir of information & provision…draw from what you know.~Storm

Proverbs 20:5 counsel in the heart is like deep water the one of understanding draws it out!

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Divinely Appointed Differences

We do not have to pretend to be different, we are…

How’s your commitment to the price of being the difference that you are?

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Live wise, live well…live whole

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Misplaced Loyalties

Misplaced loyalties are often the root cause of compromised values.

We owe it to ourselves to examine and re-examine our loyalties~Stormie Steele

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