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We Have Them

We have them. Some seem perfect, while others are obviously imperfect. 

They sprinkle in our lives the exact amount of that “something” – paving way for us to become more than average.

Perhaps they make us mad, make us cringe, cry and regret. Yet, a multitude of invaluable lessons are resulted as we observe ourselves while interacting with them.

We have them. They aren’t meant to be perfect. Their presence offers us the uniqueness of hidden blessings that sculpt us in love.

Their brief presence won’t last long…enjoy them while they’re around.

We have them – family. Determine to appreciate yours. ~Storm 

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Being Love…

Being love (never overlooking ourselves in the process thereof) frees us…heals us like no other healing balm can. ~Life Through The Storm

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The Healing Journey

The Journey of Forgiveness

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