Meditation~I Am Love…

Meditation... It is the miracle of God's enduring love that reminds me to BE love. I choose to express the fullness of Divine love. Each day I hold in my heart the power of God's transforming love. I manifest God's love in all that I do~my thoughts, words and my behavior exudes Divine love.  I [...]

I Quieten Myself, I Am Peace… I quieten myself, I listen. I am peace. I am attuned to The Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, come. I wait, I am still...trusting, entrusting. I quieten myself, I listen. I am peace. Google image credit All rights reserved/Stormie Steele c 2018

Consider The Challenge

The challenge (whatever it may be), is not meant to discourage - rather, its appointment is meant to encourage character, to strengthen faith and wisdom. Don't be afraid of the challenge, consider it. ~Stormie Steele Google image credit all rights reserved/2014