Forgiveness is a conscious and intentional engagement of release—replacement. it’s where we take full ownership over our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives. ~Stormie Steele

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Life is an evolution of becoming—a constant layering & unlayering of particulars that either persuade the development of God ordained intents or that which counters it. ~Stormie Gale Steele

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Avoiding lone-time is an avoidance of-one of life’s most fulfilling moments.

Lone-time encourages learning, appreciation and gratitude for this sacred journey we call life.~Stormie Steele

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Divinely Appointed Differences

We do not have to pretend to be different, we are…

How’s your commitment to the price of being the difference that you are?

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Live wise, live well…live whole

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Misplaced Loyalties

Misplaced loyalties are often the root cause of compromised values.

We owe it to ourselves to examine and re-examine our loyalties~Stormie Steele

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Meditation ~Long Version

Slow natural inhalations, long natural exhalations…relax and breathe deeply.

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