Meditation~I Am Love…

Meditation... It is the miracle of God's enduring love that reminds me to BE love. I choose to express the fullness of Divine love. Each day I hold in my heart the power of God's transforming love. I manifest God's love in all that I do~my thoughts, words and my behavior exudes Divine love.  I [...]

Examine Close…

I am honored to be surrounded by the gifts and talents of Romanian-born Pianist/Composer, Angelo Râpan and Native Memphian Photographer/film maker, Jack Kenner. Thank you for sharing your wealth with the world. ~Stormie Steele All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm 2017

SistaStrings ~”Strange Fruit”, A Musical Collaboration SistaStrings instrumental piece of “Strange Fruit” , continues in the heart-tugging delivery of a song that sheds light on the senseless brutality of humanity on humanity. "Strange Fruit" Southern trees bear a strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the root Black bodies swingin' in the Southern breeze Strange fruit hangin' from [...]

Another Day of Lessons

Life is no respecter of persons – we each have a our daily share of lessons to learn, challenges to face and so on. This is a good thing. Each lesson is specifically and uniquely designed to accommodate its recipient/student. The Overseer (God) of our lives knows exactly which life experience works for our individual [...]