The End…

Sometimes the worst of who we are, that which we've allowed ourselves to become, comes to an inevitable end. Consider the end an act of grace. The end of a particular (especially unhealthy particulars) can compel one to rise to greater heights. If one chooses to learn, the end is the beginning of a new. [...]


Endings and beginnings are the constant. Endings and beginnings are an act of Divine grace...Divine will. Every season imparts its gift, its purpose. Can you hear you see it? Endings and beginnings are the constant... Endings and beginnings/copyright 2015

I Am Healed

Walking through familiar paths...changed! The impact of distortion has lost its power - I am healed! The darkness no longer rules...light envelops my soul. The familiar path is but a reminder - that which no more, a cloud fading with time. I am healed. Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm. Wishing you [...]