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A Life of Gratitude…

A life of gratitude translates into a life well lived. It is not that such a life goes untouched by the atrocities of humanity on humanity, nor the failures of time, rather – a life of gratitude is one of maximizing it’s portion. 

Give thanks for the many precious moments of within the day, for simple joys…meditation, prayer, laughter, tears and the blessedness of touching and being touched.

A life of gratitude acknowledges daily provision, gracefully accepting the treasures of each day. A life of gratitude translates into a life well lived. ~Stormie Steele

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Unhealthy Zones

 Revisiting unhealthy zones of blame, unforgiveness and contention keeps the individual unhealthy, impacting layers of possibilities. 

The mind-set of being “owed” this or that can be a relentless unsympathetic and merciless cycle. 

Letting go is often a necessity, a matter of life and death. 

It is the practice of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that frees the anguished and injured soul. ~Stormie Steele 

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Whether we call it surrendering to God, life, or the universe… “the mean time, the in between time” is the space of preparational time. 

We consciously participate with life whenever we adhere and heed lessons learned via events, challenges, and a host of other circumstances. These are the portals (if you will) that assist our alignment for the thing that is to come.

Surrendering…that of entrusting all concerns into the care of The One Who has all to do with all things. Trusting the process of such, well…is surrendering. ~Stormie Steele

~Journey of Forgiveness – printebook

~The Healing Journey – print ebook

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