Life is impacting, it’s meant to be that way. We transition through impact-either for our good or demise (mind, body, spirit). Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Life Through The Storm All rights reserved/Stormie Steele 2018

I Get Enough…(paraphrased)

Never forget that your life is enough. That your road is enough. That your calling, your story, your singleness, your chastity, your marriage, your vocation, your apartment, your house, your childlessness, your kids, your body, your health, your work is enough. ~Ann Voskamp ( Remind your and re-remind yourself: I get enough. Live wise, live [...]

Love Yourself Forward

The more you let yourself compete and compare, the more you forget your own calling. The more you push to get in front of others, the more you fall behind in being the best you can be. ~Ann Voskamp Be yourself forward. ~Storm Life Through The Storm 2018