We are where we are until we trust that we can be elsewhere. It behooves us to be loving and patient as growth and evolution steers toward an understanding of that elsewhere. ~Life Through The StormPixabay image credit All rights reserved/Stormie Steele 2019

Insightful Moments of Clarity…

Whenever we ignore and overlook soul probing insightful moments of clarity, we remain in paths of uncertainty. It is essential that we learn to listen, learn and evolve. Wishing you a life of peace, balance and wellbeing. Abstracts by Storm All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm 2019

Happy Mother’s Day💕 (a personal testament)

A mother isn’t a perfect being, she wasn’t meant to be. Permit her seeming lack to encourage zest/zeal for vision, imagination and exploration, through her fears gain courage. A mother’s offerings (healthy or not so healthy, wise or foolish) is an induction to expand one’s world of living and being. Let there be no reason [...]

Wisdom Is… (audio)

wisdom-is....m4a Sometimes we forget significant life lessons, the moral of the story. When this happens, and it often does when understanding has not taken place, we repeat an experience in order to learn. ~Stormie Steele Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm 2019

Healing Balm…

Love is a covering, a balm that heals. Divine live is always present. Let's cover ourselves and each other in this balm that heals. The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. ~Jeremiah 31:3 Live wise, live well and [...]

Be Still…(repost)

There is a time to "be still". A time that requires our engagement of silence... A time to "be still" - to define absolutely nothing! To clear the self...cleanse the self. "Be still"/ 2014 Image by Eye of Storm/copyright 2014