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Present Ownership

No matter what experiences have been encountered, especially the ones that seem to steal one’s sense of worth – take present ownership of your life. As often as such is permitted – accountability, perspective and order can take its rightful place.

Present ownership is spiritual and personal empowerment, it’s liberating. ~Storm

Stormie Steele/Present Ownership (c) 2016

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We Can…

We can’t change many of the things that we’ve said or done, nor many of the things that we’ve experienced – especially unpleasant things.

We can, however – change the impact of unpleasantries by changing the present course of our behavior, our words, and our beliefs.

We create patterns for living every single day – whether healthy, or unhealthy.

It behooves us to be aware of how life impacts us…and of our present creations. They have a way of influencing many, many events.

We can influence our lives, and those nearest us in some pretty amazing ways!

Wishing you balance and wellbeing. ~Stormie Steele

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Take Another Look…

The thing that we desire to achieve is often in direct proportion to the thing that is most challenging. Whether it’s being more loving, patient, selfless, or other.

Take another look – observe the situation a bit closer, see its potential and possibility! Consider engaging its reach.

As we permit ourselves to see beyond that which meets the eye, we capture the real view, take another look. ~Storm

~Journey of Forgiveness – printebook

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