Necessary Constants…

Movement is a necessary constant. Prayer is a necessary constant. Hope is a necessary constant. There are multiple necessary constants.BEING love is a necessary constant. What is your practice of necessary constants?~Life Through The Storm Pixabay image credit Stormie Steele 2019

Pray, Believe…

Pray, believe and trust that God can and He will! Know this as your personal truth! ~Life Through The Storm Ephesians 3:20 ~Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Pixabay image credit Stormie Steele 2019

The Story

Whenever hearing of a story that includes conflict, remember there’s usually layered components involved. Considering we’ve only heard a piece of the story, it’s essential that we avoid fanning the flames of discord. Sometimes misguided loyalties (perhaps well intended) mislead us. The haste of verbal and emotional engagement fuels a needless fire (been there). What [...]


Thoughts take us to many places-from truths to untruths, ups and downs; through triumph and defeat...thoughts are the genesis of form and creation. Thoughts impact our emotions and our world, especially the ones we tend to believe, speak and practice. Thoughts can be harmful, stressful or encourage peace, calm and enlightenment. Thoughts are powerful and [...]

Insights from Storm

Wisdom encourages us to gain from every experience encountered. We repeat the familiar because we’ve not captured significant resources (strength, courage) to support/sustain necessary change. Perhaps we’re not paying close attention, we’re not conscious of the lesson at hand. ~Stormie Steele Pexels image credit All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm 2019

I Am an Unfolding Blossom (audio)

Photo by Luis Quintero on I am an unfolding blossom, the constant of new life. Subscribe via iTunes Store and at this website. Life Through The Storm 2018

Time Alone-A New Start/An Emotional Break

The very principals, guidelines and insights that produce personal health and well-being, are the same ones that produce relational health and well-being. The cycle of failed relationships signals caution. We are wise to give ourselves an emotional break. Time alone is essential, as it allows for soul searching, self -awareness, growth, and the many other [...]