The Journey of Forgiveness…

The Journey of Forgiveness is a response to the voice of inner truths, briefly appearing within anyone of us before it vanishes within the clouds of distraction (unforgiveness). ~Stormie Steele  "Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, the one who has understanding of this will draw it out." (Proverbs 20:5) NJKV [...]

Prioritize Perspectives…

Day to day living warrants that we become mindful of how we are affected...touched. We are left with the sole responsibility of working through our dis-eases, no one else has this sacred role.  As we live, move & operate throughout each day, it is essential that we pay close attention to the things that mess [...]

The Healing Journey 

The Healing Journey encourages the seeker to listen to the voice of Divine counsel – that “still small voice” that attempts to correct inner-conflict. All rights reserved 2017

New Opportunities…

The new day offers new opportunities, as well as discounted prices for Life Through The Storm - The Healing Journey and The Journey of Forgiveness.

Eye Of Storm ~Hidden Riches

Gallery in The Grove (Unity Church of Practical Christianity) Presents Eye of Storm ~Hidden Riches On display Now through July 24th, 2016 9228 Walnut Grove Rd Cordova, TN 38018 Monday 1:00-4:00pm Tuesday - Friday 9:00am-4:00pm Stormie Steele on ~Hidden Riches My life and creative works pay homage to my soul's evolution. This precious journey [...]

Nurture Health and Well-being…

Forgiveness is one of the many ways that we nurture health and well-being to ourselves. Furthermore, forgiveness is a powerful validation - we are more than our experiences. Nurture health and well-being to your mind, body and spirit...forgive. ~Stormie Steele Life Though The Storm ~The Journey of Forgiveness - print ~The Journey of Forgiveness - [...]

Life Through The Storm ~HOLIDAY SPECIAL .99

Life Through The Storm Ebook HOLIDAY SPECIAL .99 cents!! In many cases, mind, body, spirit healing is an act of the will. It is active participation for the thing that is desired. ~Stormie Steele Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey Life Through The Storm ~The Journey of Forgiveness

FREE Ebook, Last Day!

It's exciting to know that you've received your FREE copy of Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey! Thank you! Seize the opportunity, it's not too late - today is the last day to download your FREE copy. I ask that you take 1 day at time to complete (discipline). Once completed, please write a [...]

Free Ebook ~The Healing Journey

Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey (ebook) is Free! Now through April 10th! I only ask that you take 1 day at time to complete (discipline). Upon completion, please write a thoughtful, honest and balanced review at Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Sony or wherever you've made your purchase. I hope that [...]