It Goes without Saying…

It goes without saying - whenever we operate from a perspective of worthlessness, lacking in self-love (self-acceptance) - we're bound to encounter personal and relational dysfunction. ~Storm Image by Eye of Storm

An Apology…

An apology is one of the ways that we bring honor & respect to our relationships. It is an acknowledgment of our offenses (intentional or unintentional) , both are an inevitable occurrence as we interact with others. To overlook or disregard the harm that we’ve caused, is nothing short of disrespect. The building of healthy [...]

Just A Thought…

The ritual of healthy and unhealthy living exists as long as the individual (s) of such permits its stay. ~Life Through The Storm "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit." ~Proverbs 18:21 (NKJV) Eye of Storm All rights reserved/2015

Healthy Relationships



Healthy relationships are the consistencies of our intents and efforts – sustained by our attentiveness and commitment. Healthy relationships are neither easy, nor do they just happen. Compatibility plays it part; yet, it alone can not sustain the health of a relationship.

Healthy relationships are the results of individuals who have chosen to live conscious and responsible lives. We each bring our share of stuff…requiring personal accountability.

We each offer a world of unique differences. In healthy relationships, we learn to respect those differences. In part, it is the regard for those differences that create the needed structure for relational balance – mere tolerance is not enough. Numerous lessons are stored in the uniqueness of our differences.

Healthy relating means that we are committed to change as it encourages personal and spiritual growth. We partner in the creation of healthy relationships, offering both our strengths and weaknesses. In…

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Work throughThe Issues…

One of the ways that we keep dysfunction out of our lives is to examine the patterns within ourselves that have a tendency to cater to such. What does that mean? It means that it behooves us to work through  the issues that cause us to misinterpret who we are. We alone are responsible to [...]

Relational Health ~Separateness

As we permit life and our experiences to teach us more about love & of the invaluableness of our self-worth, we learn how significant it is to retain our separateness within all of our relationships. Experiencing union with others can be wonderful, yet - not at the expense of losing oneself. Your separateness & mine [...]

Relational Health

 There's no question about it, many of us want healthy, respectful and meaningful relationships. We want passion, excitement and a sense of togetherness! We offer the best presentation of who we are when meeting a potential partner - no less warranted as our interaction continues. The passion that we seek within our relationships can last [...]

Something To Consider…

I think it's fair to say that many of us share a few basic desires - we want to be loved and respected. Despite this desire, we often endure realities that contradict the aforementioned. As long as we allow ourselves to accept what we innately know is not in our best interest, we will continue [...]