Healthy Relationships (audio)

A healthy relationship is a shared journey of learning how to live with another human soul. It is the learning of how to interact respectfully with someone who is different than we are, that of learning how to love in a nonjudgmental way as we continue our own journey of transformation. ~Stormie Steele Life Through [...]

Time Alone-A New Start/An Emotional Break

The very principals, guidelines and insights that produce personal health and well-being, are the same ones that produce relational health and well-being. The cycle of failed relationships signals caution. We are wise to give ourselves an emotional break. Time alone is essential, as it allows for soul searching, self -awareness, growth, and the many other [...]

Healthy Relationships…

One of the many treasures of healthy relationships is understanding and respecting the uniqueness of individuality. Such a posture tends to compliment one to the other in a way that strengthens the unit almost miraculous.  Compatibility doesn't always mean we're equal on every aspect of relating. ~Stormie Steele  If a house is divided against itself, [...]