All consistencies (patterns of repetition) add up - whether it's a practice of healthy or unhealthy patterns. If you've ever taken note, the consistencies of the unreliable are quite consistent. Patterns of consistencies are not easily broken - as they become habits, deeply grounded in behavior...the foundation of character. Our consistencies speak volumes about us. [...]

Discipline, Order & Maintenance

In a world where competition is the norm, we are blessed if/when we can find our own rhythm, one that keeps us accountable & in Divine alignment. In part, this means that we're not willing to give up the lessons that have graced our lives with self-awareness, inner healing, peace of mind & self-respect. With [...]


With all the noise going on, the hustle of daily living - it can sometimes be challenging hearing one's own voice. Setting aside time to journal is a healthy practice. A sentence, or 2 a day can make a world of difference. The benefits of journaling are extensive - it helps in creating an inner [...]