Episode 7/Forgiveness ~A Blessing (audio)

Forgiveness is the blessed release from inner-conflict, a cleansing from unhealthy and relentless replays. ~Stormie Steele episode-7forgiveness-a-blessing.m4a Journey with Life Through The Storm via podcasts, ebooks and hard copies as an offering of daily reflections-through prayer meditation, journaling and more. Pexels image credit All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm (C) 2019

Episode 3/The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

We have an enormous capacity to heal ourselves, to redeem our lives from experiences that attempt to misguide our thinking and believing. Yet, little occurs without active participation. Forgiveness is one of the many paths that grants the seeking soul escape, peace and renewal. ~Storm Physician heal yourself. ~Luke 4:23 Stormie Steele c 2018

Happy New Year-2019!!

It's 2019, absolutely nothing rings more significantly...remember/embrace/realize/know that you are loved! You have always been loved-despite circumstances that may have dictated otherwise. We interpret much from knowing or not knowing that we are loved... We repeat (whatsoever is necessary for our development) in order to learn. We repeat because we’ve not learned. We repeat in [...]

Practitioners of Healing…

We have within our charge-within reach, the authority to heal. Seize time to rest, without it, daily labor becomes overwhelming. Relax, quieten the mind, refueling is a needed constant. Let not your heart be misplaced regarding what’s before you, many things are not destined to be accomplished in one day. Honor the process... Do whatever [...]

Repost/For This, I Am Grateful

I've learned to quieten my mind, to breathe in deeply and exhale for long periods of time. For this, I am grateful. I cherish the ability to examine life before me...to examine myself-to correct when needed and to love myself. For this, I am grateful. To reflect on what the present offers is to partake [...]


 No situation or circumstance is greater than one’s faith (belief system), unless one’s faith is without a foundation. If one faints in the day of adversity one’s strength is small. ~Proverbs 24:10 The unexpected is as much of a constant as change. The mean time-in between time-is significant time, determine to learn/grow. Daily living [...]