Forgiveness and Self-acceptance… (audio)

episode-12day-8-self-acceptance-.m4a I accept my weaknesses as well as my strengths-while not condoning that which stands in need of correction (healing). Wishing you a life of wholeness, peace and well-being.~Storm Life Through The Storm c 2019

Imperfections, Growth and Development (audio)

episode-10imperfections-growth-and-development-.m4a I commit to changing whatever interrupts my well-being (mind, body, spirit). ~Storm Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm 2019

We Owe Ourselves…

We owe it to ourselves to operate from a perspective of self-worth , self-love and self-acceptance. Some things belong solely and uniquely to us, we owe ourselves... ~Stormie Steele Image by Eye of Storm Life Through The Storm 2018

An enemy of envy

I thought this article by Austin Kleon to be a worthy read. Wishing you balance and well-being. ~Storm When I heard art critic Jerry Saltz say this during his Longform podcast interview, I immediately got up, wrote it down on an index card, and pinned it above my — Read on Life Through The Storm 2018

Being Love…

Being love (never overlooking ourselves in the process thereof) frees us...heals us like no other healing balm can. Such is the genesis of spiritual, personal and relational health. ~Life Through The Storm Life Through The Storm Books The Healing Journey The Journey of Forgiveness All rights reserved/Stormie Steele/being love c 2016

A Worthy Investment…

Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend, for you are ever with yourself. You are a worthy investment. Support yourself, forgive yourself...listen to yourself. Be honest to yourself, bless yourself. Accept yourself, develop yourself...honor yourself. You are a worthy investment. Stormie Steele/investment/copyright 2016

A Worthy Investment

Ignoring one’s own boundaries is the beginning of self-infliction. The sooner one learns the the lesson from such practice, the sooner one can end it. Remember your worth, especially when others don’t, they will follow your lead. You are a worthy investment, let no one convince you otherwise. Honor your boundaries, your mind, body and [...]