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Cover Yourself in Love

It takes courage and strength to acknowledge the weaker aspects of who we are. Fully supporting the whole of who are, creates balance.

Cover yourself in love, not in shame.

Live well live wise and live whole. ~Stormie Steele

Eye of Storm

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Being Love…

Being love (never overlooking ourselves in the process thereof) frees us…heals us like no other healing balm can. ~Life Through The Storm

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The Healing Journey

The Journey of Forgiveness

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You Are A Worthy…

Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend, for you are ever with yourself. You are a worthy investment.

Support yourself, forgive yourself…listen to yourself. Be honest to yourself, bless yourself. Accept yourself, develop yourself…honor yourself. You are a worthy investment.

Stormie Steele/you are a worthy investment/copyright 2016

Against The Odds…


At some point in our personal journey, we choose to become the essence of our potential. We stand against the odds.

Girding our hearts and minds with strength & endurance, we conquer fear. Courageously facing anything that contradicts our worth & realized truth. ~Stormie Steele

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I was among them
I was in their midst
yet, I was alone

At that moment
I realized…alone
What an awesome
reality – alone.
Quite liberating
A bit scary, but liberating

Alone, I am
solely present
Alone, I am
significant and alive

Alone is totally
separate from loneliness
loneliness places me
in isolation.

Alone gives me the gift
of my own voice,
the strength to be free and
the courage
to stand.

Alone is not without
regard for interdependence
Alone is the teacher that
awakens the learner.

Embrace being alone, it’s empowering.

Thank you for allowing Life Through The Storm to be a healthy part of your day.

Wishing you balance and well-being.

Stormie Steele Alone (c) 2014

It Goes without Saying…

Storm's Piece ~Driftwood

It goes without saying – whenever we operate from a perspective of worthlessness, lacking in self-love (self-acceptance) – we’re bound to encounter personal and relational dysfunction. ~Storm

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None Like You…

While we may have similarities, our individual uniques are a God send. There is none like you!

There has never been, nor will there ever be a healthy reason to compare yourself or your life’s whereabouts to others …you’re so much more than that.

There is none like you!

Live wise, live well and honor who you are. ~Storm

None like you/copyright 2015


Remember how unique you are, your uniqueness makes a world of difference.

Remember that you are worthy, you were born worthy. Your worth has never been about what others say or do – or don’t say, or do.

Remember that you’ve been given the privilege of choice, the blessing and birthright of choice…honor it! Determine to make wise use of it.

Remember that your role in this experience that we call life is quite significant! Never equate your significance to temporary stuff, or in comparison to others – you’re more than that!

Remember that your voice matters, it has always mattered. Let no experience convince you otherwise.

Remember to encourage yourself – to be aware of yourself, to accept yourself, to allow yourself to grow– to forgive yourself…to love yourself!

Remember to rest – to breathe deeply. Inhale slowly, naturally, deeply…exhale – relax. Remember to sleep. Let yourself recover, refresh…heal.

Remember, there is a God – Who sees all, knows all and is all!

Wishing you balance well-being. ~Storm

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