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Exclusively Yours…


Honor your path…your journey, it’s exclusively yours. 

Honor your voice, your choices….they too are exclusively yours. 

Honor your days and your time in the earth…it’s exclusively yours. 

Honor your life, your many present moments…they are exclusively yours. ~Stormie Steele

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Life through the storm/exclusively yours (c) 2015


I was among them
I was in their midst
yet, I was alone

At that moment
I realized…alone
What an awesome
reality – alone.
Quite liberating
A bit scary, but liberating

Alone, I am
solely present
Alone, I am
significant and alive

Alone is totally
separate from loneliness
loneliness places me
in isolation.

Alone gives me the gift
of my own voice,
the strength to be free and
the courage
to stand.

Alone is not without
regard for interdependence
Alone is the teacher that
awakens the learner.

Embrace being alone, it’s empowering.

Thank you for allowing Life Through The Storm to be a healthy part of your day.

Wishing you balance and well-being.

Stormie Steele Alone (c) 2014

None Like You…

While we may have similarities, our individual uniques are a God send. There is none like you!

There has never been, nor will there ever be a healthy reason to compare yourself or your life’s whereabouts to others …you’re so much more than that.

There is none like you!

Live wise, live well and honor who you are. ~Storm

None like you/copyright 2015


Remember how unique you are, your uniqueness makes a world of difference.

Remember that you are worthy, you were born worthy. Your worth has never been about what others say or do – or don’t say, or do.

Remember that you’ve been given the privilege of choice, the blessing and birthright of choice…honor it! Determine to make wise use of it.

Remember that your role in this experience that we call life is quite significant! Never equate your significance to temporary stuff, or in comparison to others – you’re more than that!

Remember that your voice matters, it has always mattered. Let no experience convince you otherwise.

Remember to encourage yourself – to be aware of yourself, to accept yourself, to allow yourself to grow– to forgive yourself…to love yourself!

Remember to rest – to breathe deeply. Inhale slowly, naturally, deeply…exhale – relax. Remember to sleep. Let yourself recover, refresh…heal.

Remember, there is a God – Who sees all, knows all and is all!

Wishing you balance well-being. ~Storm

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Stormie Steele/Remember/copyright 2014

You Matter…

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All that you are…matters – from the seemingly least, to the most apparent & obvious.

You are powerful & significant, capable of influencing not only your world…but those with whom you interact.

You matter – your thoughts, your words, your body…your laughter, your pain – your beliefs.

You matter…

Do you matter to you?

I appreciate your visit. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

You matter/copyright 2014

Definitions of Self…

How do you define yourself? What gives you personal significance? Success, relationships – nor, things and stuff can adequately define the depth of who we are. If we are the sum of our possessions, accomplishments & friendships, who are we without them? With our tendencies to hide behind the stuff (fear), we lose sight of our Divine connection, the link that wholly defines our purpose for existence.

Divine love, the unconditional principal that validates self-awareness & acceptance is primary as we seek to define who we really are.


If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for.” ~Thomas Merton

How do you define yourself?

Thank you for your visit. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

Image by Eye of Storm/how do you define yourself/copyright 2014


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All consistencies (patterns of repetition) add up – whether it’s a practice of healthy or unhealthy patterns.

If you’ve ever taken note, the consistencies of the unreliable are quite consistent.

Patterns of consistencies are not easily broken – as they become habits, deeply grounded in behavior…the foundation of character. Our consistencies speak volumes about us.

Are you aware of your consistencies?

I appreciate your visit. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

consistencies/copyright 2014