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Exclusively Yours…


Honor your path…your journey, it’s exclusively yours. 

Honor your voice, your choices….they too are exclusively yours. 

Honor your days and your time in the earth…it’s exclusively yours. 

Honor your life, your many present moments…they are exclusively yours. ~Stormie Steele

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Life through the storm/exclusively yours (c) 2015


Healthy relationships are possible. Yet, if we’re sacrificing the integrity of who we are-dishonoring our voice/convictions, our bodies and our overall wellbeing…we risk experiencing such as a reality.

Remind yourself that you have choices, never sacrifice you… ~Stormie Steele

reclaim yourself/copyright 2014

Honor The Sacred…

Honor your personal boundaries, deem it sacred.

Honor your time, energy and space, deem it sacred.

Honor your mind, body and spirit day to day with periods of rest. This is wisdom. Refueling for the undertaking of much…

Honor your options and your choices, such is sacred privilege.

Forgive yourself and others, live without guilt.

Respect your voice, intuitive guidance and direction – it too is sacred.

Give thanks, you walk on sacred ground.

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

Sacred/copyright 2015

It’s Ok…

It’s Ok to say “No”.

It’s Ok to have personal boundaries.

It’s Ok to honor your time, energy and space.

It’s Ok to rest, to pull away from day to day activity…rest.

It’s Ok to consider your options before making a commitment.

It’s Ok to live without guilt.

It’s Ok to take the needed time to consider (whatever needs to be considered) – and reconsider.

If you so desire, it’s Ok to walk away.
It’s Ok to be decisive. They will follow your lead.

Be sure that you’re Ok with your choices, such is a matter of health and well-being.

Wishing you balance and wellbeing. ~Storm

It’s Ok/copyright 2015/Eye of Storm Image

Priority and Perspective…

The challenges that we come through – especially the impact of abuse (any form) – warrant the need to push through inherited beliefs…thoughts that were bred by negative experiences.

Your priority must be that of gaining a sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance and love. This is today’s effort – priority & perspective.  ~The Healing Journey

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

life through the storm ~the healing journey/copyright 2014

Healthy Relationships


Healthy relationships are the consistencies of our intents and efforts – sustained by our attentiveness and commitment. Healthy relationships are neither easy, nor do they just happen. Compatibility plays it part; yet, it alone can not sustain the health of a relationship.

Healthy relationships are the results of individuals who have chosen to live conscious and responsible lives. We each bring our share of stuff…requiring personal accountability.

We each offer a world of unique differences. In healthy relationships, we learn to respect those differences. In part, it is the regard for those differences that create the needed structure for relational balance – mere tolerance is not enough. Numerous lessons are stored in the uniqueness of our differences.

Healthy relating means that we are committed to change as it encourages personal and spiritual growth. We partner in the creation of healthy relationships, offering both our strengths and weaknesses. In healthy relationships, we’re committed to considering how to consider, without hindering our own development, or that of another.

The rituals of listening, learning, communicating, growing, failing, apologizing and all the other components that stabilize healthy relationships becomes the norm. This and more occurs while we sharpen & maintain our own separate sense of being.

What about you, how do you establish healthy relationships? How do you keep them?

Thank you for taking the time to visit Life Through The Storm. Live wise and live well. ~Storm

Image & Quote by Mandy Hale

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

Both healthy & unhealthy relationships are kept alive by the constant of words, beliefs & behavior – then watered & fed by consistency.

Are you paying attention to your relational contributions? What are you learning?

You’re always welcome to leave your thoughts & wisdom. Thank you for your visit. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

Image by Mandy Hale

Honor Your Rhythm

Honor Your Rhythm

As we live our lives, it’s much like finding our rhythm on the Djembe’ (African hand drum). Humbly commit to learning, no comparisons allowed. Participate authentically & trust that you will come into your own – let love, patience, work & time take its course. Your rhythm (just like mine) is essential as we have our being.

Your rhythm is your voice, it is your trust and instinctual timely as you move through each day.

It is up to us to accept our rhythm, as no one else plays that significant role in our lives.

As we learn to honor our rhythm, respect our rhythm – we honor our time & our lives – others will follow our lead.

Have you found your rhythm?

You’re always welcome to leave your thoughts & wisdom. Thank you for your visit. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

Photography by Steve Roberts