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Healthy Reminders…

For many, the new year brings the promise of a new day, a new way of being. Such possibilities are realized the moment we’re willing to do something else, especially releasing any negative impact from past.

Revisiting unhealthy zones of blame, unforgiveness and contention keeps the individual unhealthy, impacting layers of possibilities.

The mind-set of being “owed” this or that can be a relentless unsympathetic and merciless cycle.

Letting go is often a necessity, a matter of life and death.

It is the practice of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that frees the anguished and injured soul.

Are you ready for the new day? ~Stormie Steele

All rights reserved/Unhealthy Zones c Stormie Steele/Life Through The Storm 2017


It is through consciousness, conviction and humility that we examine and eliminate thoughts, words and behaviors that exude error. Through the Mind of Christ, countering all that would hinder, thwart or stop spiritual/personal development. A Divine enhancement awaits each and every soul that willingly engages as the Spirit of God leads us forward. ~Stormie Gale

All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm 2017