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Prioritize Perspectives…


Day to day living warrants that we become mindful of how we are affected…touched. We are left with the sole responsibility of working through our dis-eases, no one else has this sacred role. 

As we live, move & operate throughout each day, it is essential that we pay close attention to the things that mess with us. Are you paying attention to life, to yourself? 

Live wise, live well…live whole. ~Storm

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Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey


Life is meant to touch us, to impact us in multiple ways. The expected, as well as the unexpected serves its portion. It behooves us to be mindful of how we are touched, within such…a multitude of realities and possibilities await. ~Stormie Steele


The Healing Journey www.createspace.com/5358002 

The Journey of Forgiveness www.smashwords.com/books/view/528324 

Stormie Steele/touched 2016

You Matter…

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All that you are…matters – from the seemingly least, to the most apparent & obvious.

You are powerful & significant, capable of influencing not only your world…but those with whom you interact.

You matter – your thoughts, your words, your body…your laughter, your pain – your beliefs.

You matter…

Do you matter to you?

I appreciate your visit. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

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