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I’ve chosen to live a life of authenticity, accountability and inner responsibility.

Whether I am certain or uncertain, jubilant or disappointed – staying open and honest regarding my emotional whereabouts is essential. While I may not approve of circumstances that evoke disappointment, I remain true to myself and my Maker regarding my whereabouts.

It’s essential for me know (as much as one can), where I am.

Whenever I acknowledge my whereabouts, I find strength, courage, and overall well-being…despite circumstances that attempt to steer me otherwise.

It’s clear, my emotional whereabouts are constantly changing. Facing change prepares me…well, for change.

“He desires truth in the inner parts, and in the hidden parts He makes me to know wisdom.” ~Psalms 51:6

Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm. Live wise and live well. ~Storm

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Resist The Resistance…


Resist the resistance to move forward. There are no perfect lives, at the level of accountable living, we create/re-create through conscious choice. God’s grace forwards us this chance.

Resist the resistance to move forward, or risk prolonged stay in “what they did, or didn’t do”…bondage. No one, absolutely no one deserves such power over our lives.

We are active participants in the unfolding of our lives, healthy or unhealthy. ~Life Through The Storm

Life Through The Storm/The Journey of Forgiveness

Life Through The Storm/The Healing Journey

Eye of Storm/In His Presence

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Abstracts by Storm/Hidden Riches

Life is a series of paradoxes, a treasure trove of Hidden Riches. Dare to trust, the seemingly insignificant is quite significant. ~Stormie Steele

Abstracts by Storm/2016



Trust the truth of what you know, not your fears. Permit your mind/heart to saturate in what you know is solid…herein you will find peace. ~Life Through The Storm

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