Riding The Waves…

We have the privilege of choice, the opportunity of choice…the blessing of choice.

Perhaps we can’t choose the inevitable ebbs and flows that come with daily living – but, we can choose how we will ride the waves in order to sustain our health of mind, and ultimate state of being.

Thank you for allowing Life Through The Storm to be a healthy part of your day. Wishing you balance & well/being. ~Storm

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Love Alone…

Love alone is the covering, the antidote that assists us in accepting (not condoning) the “not so nice traits about being human”. 

Here’s my experience, begin and end with love. Love teaches us to respect and honor the sacredness of becoming…the transformation from one state of being to another. ~Storm 

Stormie Steele/All rights reserved 2014




Against The Odds…


At some point in our personal journey, we choose to become the essence of our potential. We stand against the odds.

Girding our hearts and minds with strength & endurance, we conquer fear. Courageously facing anything that contradicts our worth & realized truth. ~Stormie Steele

Image by Eye of Storm Photography

Life Through The Storm

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