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Stormie Steele

A.C.T.S. Center

We are a spiritual life coaching service encouraging personal responsibility. Our focus is spiritual accountability. 

The work that I do—the art, counseling, sound healing...the dance, the teachings/writings—the use of my voice, my breath, is soul spirit work. It's directly related to my personal path of learning and becoming, forgiving and healing. I am first to bear fruit of those things offered. I am not bound to live by my experiences alone.


Physician heal thyself. ~ Luke 4:23


You are loved. You've always been loved, despite circumstances that dictated otherwise. You will always be loved. ~ Stormie Steele

Stormie Steele

Meet Stormie . . .

Stormie G. Steele holds a doctorate in holistic life counseling; she is the author of (Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey & Life Through The Storm ~The Journey of Forgiveness). She is podcast creator/host of An Insightful Moment.

Additionally, Steele is an abstract artist (Storm's FineArt), certified spiritul life coach, djembeist (drum circle facilitator), sound healing practitioner, speaker, vocalist and voice talent. She is a practitioner of mind, body, spirit wellness and enjoys teaching on personal and spiritual development.

Stormie has risen above the impact of childhood abuse—reclaiming her life through healing and forgiveness. Read more about Life Through The Storm Series here; Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Smashwords (ebook)

Storm's Fine Art

This seeking soul finds a landscape of meaning through labyrinths, metaphors and paradoxes—the formation of unexpected creativity and life within dances of faith-filled movements. My paintings are portals of language—love and healing.

On The Potter’s Wheel, I am sculpted as a purposeful piece of art.~Stormie G. Steele (artist)

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Storm’s FineArt ~Experience The Collection


Performing Improv Artist, Vocalist and Spoken Word Expressionist

Storm Post

Stormie Steele - performing artist who flows rhythmically through vocal improv - combining soul rendering a cappella, jazz, original songs and spoken word creativity.

Storm’s vocal improv offerings are rich textures woven into multi-layered sacred expressions. Through her creative impromtu performances, Steele opens the reservoir of emotional, mental and spiritual wealth - lost and found.


Stormie Steele is a singer/songwriter, djembeist (drum circle facilitator), storyteller and healing arts spoken word expressonist.

Author and Speaker

Stormie’s message—forgiveness and healing. A personal testament of reclaiming life, meaning, and purpose. Stormie is a practitioner and ordained minister of the Christian faith. She acknowledges and believes The Holy Spirit is The Supreme Voice of Counsel. She is a published author (Life through The Storm~The Healing Journey & The Journey of Forgiveness)—reclaiming her life through healing and forgiveness.

When you’re ready to heal, you’ll heal.

There are no replicas for healing (emotional, mental, spiritual). Academics, name dropping, money in the bank, trending attire, the finest of travels…fine wines, art, cuisines—over indulgences nor under indulgences can replace the necessary work of weeding out—uprooting and tearing down the temples/idols/triggers resurrected to thwart the efforts of wholeness and wellbeing.~Stormie Steele

Stormie has served as alternating interim minister and interim spiritual leader with her husband Rev. Dr. JV Steele—enjoying tag team ministry. She is available for speaking/workshop engagements.

Stormie Steele’s speaker services are available for retreats, Sunday service, women’s conferences, and/or workshops.

The author’s approach to forgiveness and emotional healing are often requested—she is open for preferred topics.

Speaker fees, additional fees/accommodations based on radius of travel, overnight stays are non negotiable.

Life Through The Storm ~The Journey of Forgiveness

Purchase Life Through The Storm Series here;


Barnes and Nobel

Smashwords (ebook)

Holistic Spiritual Life Coach

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Holistic Life Coaching Services $100.00 per :60 minutes individualized session.

Holistic Life Coaching Session

We are a spiritual life coaching service, encouraging personal responsibility. Our focus is spiritual accountability.

“Physician heal thyself”~Luke 4:23

Our Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions are personalized to assist clients in navigating a healthy path of personal/spiritual living.

Personal pain nor its memory need not rule our lives indefinitely. We are not bound to live by our negative experiences alone—forgiveness and healing are within reach. ~Jim and Stormie Steele

Rev. Jim Steele’s Sr. Pastoral role (Stormie, First Lady), the Steele’s have served as alternating interim ministers and interim spiritual leaders—enjoying tag team ministry. Jim and Stormie are available for speaking/workshop engagements.

Rev. Dr’s J.V. and Stormie Steele are practitioners and ordained ministers of the Christian faith-offering Holistic Life and Spiritual Life Coaching. They acknowledge and believe The Holy Spirit is The Supreme Voice of Counsel.

Forgiveness Coach

Unforgiveness is layered debris, a culmination of relentless emotional/mental/spiritual injury. Ridding ourselves of its toxins is a work. When love and forgiveness becomes primary, unforgiveness ceases.

As a forgiveness coach, I assist in that process—an authentic step by step approach towards reconciliation—within oneself.

Life Through The Storm ~The Journey of Forgiveness and The Healing Journey are 21 day collections of insightful principles, questions/answers, practices, and journaling.

*Certified Forgiveness Coach

$100.00 per :60 minute individualized session.

Forgiveness Coaching Session


(drum circle facilitator)

Djembe—one of the world’s loudest hand drums. Its origin, West Africa. It is known as the healing drum, the instrument that brings community together, "Anke dje, anke be”. The djembe holds deep sacred and traditional meaning—its sound celebrates life, death, prosperity, harvest, grief and spiritual transformation.

Drumming with Stormie - Participants can expect to be drawn into an energetic collaboration of rhythm, creativity and fun - combining a spontaneous flow of community! The joys of coming together expressed through drumming!

15: ($350.00) and 30: ($500.00/$150.00 savings) minute performances options available.


As a djembeist, I facilitate drum circles that encourage coming together, learning to embrace the sacredness of honoring ourselves (others) and respecting the individual navigation of life. Combining metaphors, community, freedom and the art of being in the moment, drum circles swiftly become healing circles. Engaging the rich tones of the djembe and its therapeutic voice resonates on the soul level like no other instrument.

As a certified sound healing practitioner, Storm’s drum circle facilitation is a meditative art form—promoting self-awareness, confidence, spontaneity and community engagement. Her circles are themed and includes deep breaths, focus and mind, body, spirit wellbeing.

The former REMO HealthRHYTHMS facilitator performs professionally - drums in Kwanzaa, Black History Month and  Juneteenth Events, facilitates drum circles in private/corporate settings, churches, community centers, family/friend/sister gatherings, schools, healing circles, homegoing celebrations and more.

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Sound Healing Practitioner

Many of us rarely engage the silence—the quiet that ministers ease/healing/relaxation/rest—the space of empowerment—where we reckon with the stuff that robs us!

Rhythmic Oil Sound Healing sessions are an offering—allowing participants to better engage themselves…hearing, heeding and healing (emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

My approach to sound healing encourages participants to quieten themselves—listen to what’s occurring inside. Through conscious intentional deep breaths (our first God-given sound healing source), we enter into awareness, ownership and personal responsibility. Singing bowls, other instruments, and the use of my voice are tools—further assisting in uncovering what’s stored within.


*Certified Sound Healing Practitioner

Rhythmic Oil Sound Healing Sessions

$25.00 per :30 minute session

Group sessions/10 or more discounted

Rhythmic Oil Sound Healing

Meditation Coach

As a practitioner of meditation, I can attest to it being one of my primary sources of healing. Engaging the quiet leads to a reservoir of life bearing stillness.

Separating from the stresses of day to day living, is a reminder to simply breathe (yet, not so simple).

Breath work is a pathway to meditation, quieten yourself and listen to your breath.

Live wise, live well and live whole...

 Meditation Coaching Services

$100.00 per :60 minute individualized session.

Meditation Coaching Services

Postpartum Doula

The development of new life is a sacred time. Minimizing stress, adhering to proper breathing, attaining rest, diet and all the other factors that aid in the development of a healthy mother and child can take its toll.

As a certified labor and postpartum doula, I will assist/support clients in achieving the healthiest pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience as possible. Encouraging and partnering with the expectant parent (s) to optimize their choices with available resources for a memorable birth.  

Please Contact us for fees and information regarding doula services.  

Serving West Tennessee

*Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula Services

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services/per client’s need

Please email 


An Insightful Moment 

An Insightful Moment is an infusion of grace—a golden nugget of divinely inspired whispers. I've chosen to capture them. When we seize insightful moments, we nurture life—love, personal and spiritual responsibility for healthy living and being. ~Stormie Steele

Stormie is a spiritual counselor—published author, she enjoys speaking on personal & spiritual development. Steele is a visual artist (Storm’s FineArt); djembeist (drum circle facilitator), forgiveness and meditation coach, labor and postpartum doula, sound healing practitioner & voice talent. Click listen button to subscibe to podcast

Eye of Storm Audio Video Production

Stormie Steele is a spokesperson and voice over talent (audio narrator), produces audio/video social media spots (advertisements) for individuals, businesses, etc.

30 - :60 spots - up to 5 minutes maximum.

Voice the Vision for your business, service or event via :30 & :60 secsocial media promotional spots.

*Non-negotiable rates are competitive and reflect Per Finished Minutes (PFM) trends 2023/includes: BGM (background music) script, editing, voice & production

72-96 hour turnaround via email

Email JPEG Images and/or videos (mp3-mp4 files)

All images must be legally owned by the client. Blurred images will not be accepted.

Eye of Storm Vision/Voice

0 – 2 minutes/300 or less words $425

2 – 5 minutes/300 – 750 words $525

30 – 45 minutes – $900 (narration)

45 – 60 minutes – $1.500 (narration)

Non refundable 1/2 down to start

Full payment due upon completion

*Non-negotiable rates are competitive and reflect Per Finished Minutes (PFM) trends 2024

*Depending on travel, fees may change

Email inquries:

Eye of Storm Voice Visions/Audio & Video Promotions 2019-2024

Eye of Storm Voice Visions

Production :30 sec spot/Voice-over, BGM, Script and Video Promos

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